Monday, August 31, 2009

Tot School week 2!

Monkey is getting closer to 17 months by the day! You can see our themes for the year here.

This week we will be talking about Animals! I will update this post as the week goes on to add each day's posts. We are going to do a Brown Bear lapbook (found here). I got EVERYTHING laminated last week. My in laws own and run a copy shop so I got $60 worth of lamination cheap :)! I'm busily cutting everything but am proud to say I have 2 of the 11 done (those get us through Halloween). I have the Nativity one (it's in this book-Volume 3-the pictured one is Volume 2-I got it at the Thrift store for under $1) done and this farm animal one (see the first one on the page-Down on the Farm). We're also going to make felt board pieces from the Nativity and the farm animals. I need to get my felt board made (just need to wash and dry the felt and then I can glue it on my board-I'll post with pictures how I'm going to go about it in the next week or two). We have a LOT of books we want to read this week including starting The Jungle Book. Who can go wrong with a classic book under $5?

Monday: baby gym, bunnies, the letter c, animal sounds
Tuesday: polar bears, kangaroos, hippos (nice combo huh?)
Wednesday: "doggies", Brown bear
Thursday: Monkeys and Curious George (as you can see from previous posts we're HUGE George fans)
Friday: Library and chickens


  1. Looks like a fun week shaping up. My 17 month old loves George too. I am in the process of making the Brown bear lap book too. I doubt I will get mine laminated so I hope he will not tear it up. We will definately always look at it together.
    Thanks for following my site.
    Lynn Never a Dull Moment

  2. Thank you for following mine :). Monkey tears EVERYTHING. We had confetti all over our floor from him opening daddy's shoe box and tearing the tissue paper. It took us forever to clean up but he had a blast. He's not even allowed to have a board book anymore without us watching closely (he eats them and tries to rip them apart).