Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monkey Thursday

I was super busy last night with no time to post so I'm going to talk about yesterday and today (2 seperate posts).  We had a MONKEY day yesterday!

Curious George at the Aquarium
Happy Halloween Curious George This one was fun-it was in the form of a poem and had several tabbed stories.
First Words at the Zoo Good toddler book-not too much George though.
Curious George Plants a Tree (this would be GREAT for Earth day!)

For those of you new we're BIG fans of Curious George.  Check out all of our other posts about Curious George

We even had a George themed first birthday party.  Here are the cakes I made (the first was for us the second was the smash cake):
It originally had Monkey's name on it.
I had to add Monkey eating it of course :)


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