Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday week 2

We didn't get a ton done today because I'm not feeling well.  We watched Signing Time volume 2 (Playtime Signs) in the morning and read a book and went to the library in the afternoon.  We plan to do the rest of our activities tomorrow as well as some reading (I am going to make a letter D box).

The Octopus-a story a grandpa tells his grandson (both are dogs) when he has the chicken pox.  It's about an Octopus that rains down on him in the bath tub (the grandson at this point is in the bath tub).  After the story they find an octopus in the tub!  Can they shove him down the drain?  This is a beginning reader (I Can Read!) level 2.  We read this one because it was due tomorrow (got it before we planned out our themes for the year-actually we requested it when we were reading about them for the letter O)

Funny thing though...we go to the library to return all of our books for the last two weeks.  I requested all of our books last night for the next two weeks since we all know how fun it is to search for stuff with toddlers!  Some others came through that I requested quite a while ago with those and we got a bunch of board books to keep Monkey entertained during church (our library has a wonderful selection of board books and since Monkey loves to "read" we've found that if we pop different ones in my purse to go to doctor's offices and several in the diaper bag for church he stays entertained and somewhat quiet).  We left with probably close to 100 books/videos/cds!  I have a huge cloth bag full plus a smaller one (that one has all the board books plus several that we requested) and a plastic bag that I double bagged that the handles ripped off on the way out to the parking lot!  Needless to say Monkey isn't going with me to pick up our books every-other-week.  We plan to start going to story time weekly though so he'll still get to go to the library.  I was so embarrassed to walk out with so many books but I know we'll get through ALL of them at least once (we have 3 weeks-we'll read them in 2)!


  1. Ha. Sitting and doing searches for books with a toddling babe doesn't appeal to you? Why not!?!

    I thoroughly enjoy going now when all I have to do is say "Remember your library voices...."

  2. Part of me wishes for that but most of me enjoys the time I have with the curious toddler!