Monday, August 31, 2009

What *I* am currently reading

I am a total book-a-holic! I am usually reading several books at once. I've been busy planning tot school so I haven't been reading as much as I would like for books but I'm starting The World is Flat to help my husband with a class. I've also been trying to get to a Tori Spelling book (Stori Telling) but haven't had the time yet (it's a library book due Friday-better get going!). I have others that are due back Friday plus an order to complete and ship by Thursday.

I think my favorite of the summer (and I've read A LOT since I finished my last class online for my Bachelor's-long story) was No Cry Discipline Solution. I recommend it to everyone regardless of their discipline ideas. It has a section on there about yelling and how to calm down/not yell. It's been very helpful for me except for the last week because my hormones are going crazy. Ever since I had my second miscarriage a few weeks ago (at about 4 weeks so a very early one) my hormones have been out of wack. I have had very little patience with my husband and son so I hope to read that section this week to help me. I've also been able to be more patient with Monkey because of Tot School because I know he's learning a ton through our daily experiences. He's easily frustrated when he can't get his body and mind to cooperate or when he simply can't get his message across. He learns more words every day though so he's getting less frusrated about not getting his message across which in turn makes me less frustrated. Life has been crazy with my husband back in school since we see him an hour per day or less (and that's generally over lunch or he's doing homework here). Once we get in to our daddy-back-in-school groove we should ALL be less frustrated and have less fights. If you haven't read the book though GO GET IT NOW! It's great and has a great series of things to do to help gear your child in to what you want them to do. It has helped us curb a biting habit (we now get lots of kisses when he's frustrated-once in a while he goes to bite but we can generally stop it) and keep away from dangerous nick-nacks at people's homes. Our Monkey is a very happy boy and generally minds us well because we don't over discipline him. This book helps you discipline how you see fit and while it generally fits in best with Attachment Parenting it is great for every parenting style. Seriously-stop reading-go buy it!!!

What are you reading these days? Any good books you've read lately?

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