Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All kinds of animals: Tuesday-tot school week 2

I'm debating whether to read the Jungle Book to Monkey or not.  I've heard there are some rough parts so I might have to read it first.  That being said I think we'll watch the Jungle Book Friday or Saturday.  We've had a LONG day today.  We went to the doctor for Monkey's rash and found out we'll have to treat it off and on until he's completely potty trained (he was doing GREAT around 12 months but has had a major regression since).  We made chocolate chip frozen yogurt today for our craft/activity (chocolate chips start with C!)  Here's what we used:

Ice Cream Ball
Brown Cow Vanilla Yogurt (Cream Top but you can use any others-the Maple flavor might be yummy too!)
Some sugar (to taste)
Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips (buy them on Amazon here) (perfect size and perfect for Monkey since he has a peanut allergy!)

I dumped all of it in (a little over half a bag of the chocolate chips-we like our chocolate chips) and I rolled it inside on a towel.  This part is VERY important because we've had leaking issues with our ice cream ball before!  Monkey had fun rolling the ball with me (ours is blue-we got it as a gift for Christmas).  In about 30 minutes of rolling (stopping halfway in to scrape the sides) you have awesome frozen yogurt.  The recipe for vanilla that comes with the ball is really good.

After we got done with that we started reading and playing with puzzles. 
Books we read:
But Not the Hippopatamus by Sandra Boynton (library)-this is a fun book.  Monkey loved this-we've read it A LOT in the past couple weeks.
The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle (also a library book).  This was pretty fun.  It is nice to teach about feelings, counting (also time since there are little clocks on it and it says "At 6 o'clock..." "At 7 o'clock..." and so on), size comparisons, etc.  I think this book can be applied a lot of ways!
Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend by Hans de Beer (also a libray book).  Little Polar bear ends up in a crate and is in an airplane to be sent to the zoo but helps Wally Walrus and the other animals escape.  He meets another bear.  You'll have to see if Little Polar Bear makes it home!
Polar Babies by Susan Ring.  A fun book for babies and toddlers.  The polar bear cubs play all day.  We borrowed it from the library.
You Are Special, Little One- cute going to bed story! (also from the library)
The Jungle Book (Disney's).  Monkey enjoyed me reading about Mowgli's adventures.
Kangaroos Have Joeys.  Another library book. This book says the names of baby animals.  It would be really fun if you wanted to learn that deer have fawn and kangaroos have joeys (a variety of animals, fish, and insects).  You can also use this to learn about the different classifications of animals since I believe all of them are presented in this book.
We will also finish the Velveteen Rabbit before bed (we started it yesterday).  Edited after bedtime to say we didn't get to finish or even read more than 10 words.  Monkey didn't take a nap so he didn't even want a bed time story tonight!  Oh well there's always tomorrow!

Monkey also played with animal puzzles but I've been trying for over an hour to get the pictures up and my card reader isn't working so maybe tomorrow!

Here's another post about a kangaroo book-we really liked it!

Tuesday 9/8 edit: Pictures!!!

Monkey has his own way of doing puzzles.  He figures out where one thing goes and puts the rest on top.  He'll get it!

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