Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 4-Feelings

Wow already week 4!  Monkey turned 17 months last week.

This week we will be working with this tot book however we don't fold the folder like she does.  We left it as is.  As usual I need to take pictures.  One of these days I will pull out all of the books and take pictures.  Right now all my spare time is going to planning tot school (mainly planning library books although I need to get back to printing for tot books soon!) and sewing and knitting.  I am sponsoring the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt again in November and am working on some knitted goodies and newborn fitted diapers.  I hope to post some knitted washcloths and dishcloths this week (I already have a bunch finished but want to have a nice grouping before I list them).  Don't forget to check out my site.

Monday: Wrap up of our ocean theme
Tuesday: Feelings
Wednesday: Mad
Thursday/Friday: Sad
Monday: Happy and Scared

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