Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Week 4: Feelings!

We did our F letter box today!  Here's some pictures:
Our box with our letter f folders (our farm animals, feelings, and fall folder-pictures below)
You can find the contents of this folder here the Go Fish Feelings comes from here (scroll halfway down)
I put sticky back velcro where the faces go on the kids so Monkey can put faces on the kids (I put the hook on the kids and the loop side on the face so we can hopefully use them on our felt board too)
I laminated the whole folder so when Monkey is older he can draw different faces on the back with a whiteboard marker.
You can find this one here
I cut the animals in half and glued down the front (and then laminated the folder) and used sticky back velcro to attach the back.
Monkey exploring his box!
Funnels-dollar store
He REALLY liked the flashlight-he thought it was really neat to look at the light
 Our F box: Alphatales F book (not pictured), Funnels (see above-not in this picture), baby fork (the blue thing behind the football), football, flashlight, Finding Nemo book, fish (goldfish-in Monkey's hands), hand from our senses folder (we got the picture here), foam F from floor blocks (see materials link on left side), frog (from the book found here- the coloring animals one), four and five (one from my Noah's Ark Numbers folder game I referred to here and one from the Brown Bear count with me-see the link for the frog), fire truck, Feelings Book (see below)
Then we read:
Alphatales F book: Fifi Ferret's Flute (see the link on the left side for info about our Alphatales books we bought)
Feelings Book by Todd Parr (included in our F box)
A to Z Do You Ever Feel Like Me?  Bonnie Hausman We loved this one!  It would be great for an older child too.  You read a little riddle and figure out what the child was feeling (there are hints around the page) 
Feelings Alphabet by Judy Lalli.  This book had real photos of kids in black and white.
We checked out some other ones too but they didn't work out-they were written for older children.
We also watched Signing Time #4 and reviewed our feelings signs (Monkey hasn't started any feelings signs yet).

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  1. I love your lap books!! Looks like you all had a great week.
    Lynn Never a Dull Moment