Monday, September 21, 2009

Thursday and Friday-Week 4 Sad

We decided we would change our format a tiny bit.  We usually go to the library on Tuesdays so I think most weeks we'll do our theme Tuesday-the following Monday instead of Monday-Friday.  We read about sad these days.

My Friend Is Sad-Mo Willems-cute story about a pig and an elephant.  The pig notices the elephant is sad and tries to cheer the elephant up but the elephant won't cheer up!  Read this book to find out what makes him happy!
Sad-Sarah Medina
When I'm Sad-Jane Aaron-I believe this is a good book to teach children about expressing their feelings of sadness.
Hurty Feelings-Helen Lester-You just have to read this one-it's cute
Feeling Sad-Helen Frot
Michael Rosen's Sad Book-I don't think this one is really a children's book

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