Sunday, July 12, 2009

MANY more Curious George books

Curious George Goes to the Beach
George goes to the beach with his friend and ends up feeding all their food to the seagulls and their basket washes away in the ocean. A little girl he met conquers her fear of the ocean and helps George swim to get it. They end up getting to share lunch with the girl and her grandma. This was a cute story but not like the original ones that there was something cool to learn (like folding a hat out of paper, etc). We enjoyed it though.

Curious George Goes Sledding
This is a book my parents got me as a child. Curious George saves a little boy from going off a hill too fast on a sled after George creates a mess rolling a huge ball down the same hill. The book was adapted from the film series according to the cover. It was a fun book to read. We'll read it a lot when it snows :)!

Curious George at the Parade
We read this one last Sunday in honor of the 4th. It was a fun book about a parade George saw (and ruined part of). I wish we would have read it before we went to our parade but we ran out of time.

Curious George First Words at the Farm
This is a board book to teach farm words. It isn't a story or anything just pictures and words. George is in a lot of the pictures otherwise you'd never know it's a Curious George book. It was fun for Monkey to look at and we'll probably check it out again but likely won't buy it.

Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100
This book is more than counting. There are other activities to do such as mapping through a town, identifying objects, grouping, and you can count each object on the pages. This is a book we plan to add to our collection.

Curious George Visits the Library
We LOVE the library. This would be a fun book to read at the library or in preparation to go to the library. George wants to check out all the books and ends up crashing a cart of books. He ends up just getting a few to read.

Curious George in the Big City
George visits New York and ends up getting lost. He takes a tour of the city until he finds the store he lost the Man in the Yellow hat. This is a Christmas-time book because they are visiting to get presents.

Curious George and the Dinosaur
I think this book was part of the idea that went in to the recent Curious George movie. George finds a dinosaur skeleton and has to climb on it when they visit the museum but he gets the kids excited about the museum which was what counted. This would be a great book to read before visiting a museum.

Curious George Roller Coaster (Level 1 Beginning reader)
George tries to grow to be able to ride the roller coaster. They end up letting him ride it because monkeys don't grow very tall. There are activities to encourage measuring and to use household objects to learn how to measure. There are directions for making a growth chart too. We always have fun reading the beginning reading books. I think they are a bit simpler for Monkey to understand.

Curious George Goes to a Movie
George goes to a movie and is too curious of where the picture is coming from so he ends up going in to the film room and unraveling the whole reel. The boy that was operating it cleans it up as George does shadow puppets. This would be fun to read before you turn out the lights and use a flashlight to make shadow puppets.

Curious George Snowy Day
This is just like an episode of Curious George. It snows all night and he goes out to play in the snow. He borrows a sled to get home and saves the neighbor's pig on the way. There is a maze and other activities in the back. It also gives directions for making snowflakes.

Curious George in the Snow
George goes to a ski resort with his friend. He uses a pizza pan to slide down the mountain when (after already getting in to trouble) he sees his friend. He helps a skier go faster though. This is a fun winter time book.

Curious George and the Pizza
George learns to make pizza and then makes some of his own. He hides in the delivery van and helps deliver a tricky pizza so he is rewarded with a yummy pizza. This would be fun to read before making kid-friendly pizza (ie bagel pizza, tortilla pizzas).

Curious George and the Firefighters
George goes on a field trip to a firestation and hops on the fire truck and entertains kids while the firemen fight the fire. This would be fun to learn a little about firemen or before going on a tour of a firestation.

Curious George and Friends: Favorite Stories by Margret and H.A. Rey
This book is fun because it has a lot of books in it for much less. I will talk about each story
-Curious George (I will talk about this one later-we're reading our big George book before naps so I will review it soon)
-Cecily G and the 9 Monkeys (we already read this one-you can read my post about it here).
-Elizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant. This was a fun one with simple words and pictures. Elizabite tries to eat everyone and everything including a burgler. The eventually take her to a zoo.
-Pretzel. This is a story about a weiner (dachshund) puppy who grows up to love a little dachshund and tries to get her to like him. She doesn't want to like him only because he's the longest prize winning dachshund around. He tries to do all sorts of things to make her like him but it's not until he uses his length to save her that she realizes how great it is for him to be big.
-Katy No-Pocket (by Emmy Payne). This is about a kangaroo mommy that can't carry her baby because she doesn't have a pocket. She tries to learn what other animals do to carry their babies but ends up going in to town to find a pocket. She finds a whole lot of pockets and carries all of the animal babies around.
-Spotty. Spotty is a bunny with spots. He is the only one in his family that has spots and they are afraid to show him to grandma because he's different. Spotty runs away and finds a family of bunnies with spots except one plain one. Spotty teaches that family (and eventually his) about the importance of loving everyone even if they are different.
-Billy's Picture. Billy is a bunny who wants to draw a picture. He gets going but all the other animals come and make different parts of his picture look like theirselves. The end result is quite funny. They all draw their own self portraits afterwards.
-Whiteblack the Penguin Sees the World. Whiteblack wants to visit the world to have something to talk about on his radio show. He visits a bunch of different places and uses many modes of transportation to get everywhere. He has plenty of stories to tell when he's done!

Curious George's First Words at the Aquarium
This was a lot like the farm book. Great for a baby to learn to identify things but no fun George action.

Merry Christmas Curious George
George and the man with the yellow hat go to pick out a tree. He ends up getting stuck in one that goes to a children's hospital. He is able to cheer up the children and they have a fun party there. We plan to get this one again closer to Christmas time.

Curious George and the Dump Truck
George finds a dump truck that was left unattended. He ends up dumping dirt out in to a pond. It makes the ducks happy which ends up making the workers happy because it made the park more fun.

Curious George Makes Pancakes
The town holds a fundraiser breakfast for the children's hospital. George figures he can help after adding blueberries to people's pancakes. Monkeys have four hands so he was able to serve everyone quickly when the person making them got overwhelmed and ran off to find someone to help. He runs off and ends up in a dunking booth. He helped make the fundraiser the best yet.

Curious George at the Firestation
This is different from the other one. George and his friend visit the firestation. They learn what is there and see some puppies their dalamation had. George rings the bell to see what would happen and everyone gets mad at him. One of the puppies gets out of the basket and almost falls down the hole around the pole but George catches him and saves the day. They let him keep his fireman's hat.

We're going to go pick up a few more at the library. If anyone has suggestions for our next theme let me know!!! Otherwise we'll probably read all of our books we own and talk about them.

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