Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starting Curious George-links to previous posts about George

So we already started reading our new theme. I swear Monkey KNOWS where the Curious George section is in every book store-he always finds it. We had to pick up a couple George books yesterday. What better place to start than the original George book?

Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys by H.A. Rey
We bought this version from Barnes and Noble. It has a really cool afterward to teach you all about how George started! How would Curious Fifi sound? The afterward is written by the same person that wrote a book about the history of Margret and H. A. Rey. It was really interesting! I am planning to borrow it from the library to read. As for the book. In my opinion it was kind of crazy with several small stories within it and it should have been split in to a few books. It was still fun but kind of long to keep a 14 month old's attention. It's fun to see where George started though!

This post talks about a visit to a toy store, a hot air balloon, first day of school (which we ended up buying), and George feeding the animals.

This post talks about George visiting an ice cream shop.

And this one is about George's airplane trip.

We also recently got Curious George Plants a Seed
George decides to plant everything in the ground to see if it grows. It is a level 1 reader and it has activities to teach how to plant a plant and to see how water is absorbed by celery. I think we'll enjoy reading this book over and over!

Curious George Takes a Train
When Monkey found the George books yesterday we HAD to buy this one. We also got this book (That's Not My Train... an Usborne touchy-feely book) because Monkey loves trains. He's been on our public transportation train a couple of times and loves to play with trains on train tables. We got him/I painted him a name train for his first birthday. SO I couldn't resist this book. It would be a fun book to read to a kid before they go on a train. George ends up mixing all the numbers up on the train board and confuses everyone but keeps a kid off the train tracks so of course everyone forgives him. It was a fun story.

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