Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday's Reading Lessons: 35 (sh), 36, 37 (a as in ate), 38

So hubby slept in yesterday.  I mean SLEPT IN.  I got up with Baby K at 5:20 and fell back asleep upstairs (on the couch) by 6:20.  Hubby is supposed to get up by 6:30 at the latest so he can throw clothes on and go to his first job.  I woke up at 9 and had a horrible feeling hubby hadn't left yet.  I ran to look at the shoes by the front door and sure enough, they were there.  I took the baby downstairs and we got him up.  He decided to call in because he really hasn't been feeling great with the lack of sleep!  He came with us to Baby K's doctor's appointment.  It was his 4 month checkup.  We were there at 10:45-the appointment was at 11.  We went early to get cream on his legs to help numb them for the shots.  We weren't seen until after 12!  Hubby had to leave at 11:30 so he could get to his other job so he had a chance of being home at night.  Baby K weighed in at a whopping 15 lb 12 oz, just a few ounces shy of doubling his birth weight but more than doubling his lowest (8 lbs was his birth weight and 7 was his low).  He is doing great!

After the appointment we went to pick up some books from a Freecycler, got lunch, went to Home Depot to get a bucket and came back home to eat lunch.  Then Monkey went for a nap.  I kept thinking-we need to do reading lessons, yesterday was crazy so we need to just sit down and do it!  The thought didn't enter back in my mind until 9:30 PM when we were going to take Monkey down for a bath.  SO it was late but he got through them quick.

I'm amazed how fast he decodes now.  With many words he doesn't even have to sound them out!  He did great and had no issue at all deciphering between the a with a line over it (like the a in ate) and the a he already knew like apple.  It's amazing to see how these little people can pick things up so quick!

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