Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm officially ready (I think?)

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All the flats are washed and folded and put away except 1. Covers will be ready to go but I'm still debating what 5 to use. I WAS set but Baby K SUDDENLY (seriously overnight) doesn't fit in his Small Bummis covers anymore-ACK! I hurried and went on Diaper Swappers and got 3 more from a mama (a froggy, a space one, and a celery dots-I love the cute prints). We have 2 white Medium Bummis ones, a blue and celery Thirsties in size small that still fit for the moment, 2 RaR OS covers-Gumball and Ladder 9 (I REALLY REALLY want a Robotronics one-bad bad!!!) so I'll probably go off of what is for sure clean come Monday. I plan to do all the dirty diapers on Saturday so I might end up starting as of that point so none are sitting in the diaper pail.

Yesterday the mobile washer came.  My camera battery is dead so I can't get a picture because my charger walked off (THANKS MONKEY!).  I've mentioned in the past about our family's "black hole"...basically he's a REALLY good hider.  It makes us really upset because we scrimped and saved a ton so I could get hubby a refurbished iPod nano a couple years ago and that walked off.  I got a Rockin Green magnetic scoop with Black Friday specials and that walked off for about 2 weeks and suddenly reappeared on the fridge...  Now my charger.  My old school iPod shuffle disappeared for over a year and it suddenly reappeared.  No such luck for the nano though!  Maybe my charger will reappear soon too?  I wish I knew where the kid hid things!  SOOOO while I wait for my new one to arrive from I can't post pictures unless they're from my iPod touch and I have to either hook it up to the computer or send as a special post.  I'm planning on posting those pictures later this week or next.  Anyways...  The mobile washer arrived yesterday and we went to get another 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot.  We already had an orange one that we use to keep all of our plastic bags from stores in to use as packing material, tiny garbage can liners, and hubby's lunch sack.  I'll be using one for washing and one for rinsing.  I'll probably put the lid on while things are soaking so Monkey stays out (haha!).  I plan to set them up in the bath tub, possibly with the bath mat underneath so they don't wiggle.  If there are too many diapers then I'll put them in the tub instead and use a bucket to put them in while I'm filling the tub.

I will be using 2 dozen Osocozy flats, 4 flannel homemade flats, 9 flour sack towels, and possibly a Gerber flat or two.  I'm interested in how long each will take to line dry.  So far I have discovered they DO NOT dry overnight.  I hung all of them up on the shower bar (again I'll post a picture later/next week) on hangers with wooden pins and put them up by 9 PM.  By 9 AM they weren't dry yet.  We got back from Baby K's 4 month appointment yesterday in the early afternoon and they were dry by then.  I will also be using a snappi and pins.  I'll be using at least 3 PUL covers and a wool soaker or two.  I have to use at least 3 PUL because every time Baby K poops it blows out to the cover and I'll drive myself crazy doing laundry more than 1x per day. 

The plan is to wash every other day.  I hate doing diapers more often then that because it does take gas (water heater) to do hot water and that does add up.  I found that we can do diapers the least expensive if we only wash every 2-3 days or later on 1x per week.

I think I'm ready!  We're not touching the flats this week because I wanted them all clean/dry ready to go.  

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