Monday, May 23, 2011

Starting the Flats Challenge-Monday

Quick link back to the rules.

I'm just getting ready to change Baby K's first diaper of the day and wanted to share a few (ok a few more than a FEW) quick pictures!
Bye-By Pockets (these are mostly covers though and Newborn fitted diapers that I was stripping this weekend :) )

Hello Flats and 5 covers for the week (though I may cheat after Tuesday and put 2 wool in for 2 of the PUL-I gotta get through Tuesday though with PUL)

Baby K is READY!

 Baby K's Covers-Rumparooz OS Ladder, Rumparooz OS Gumball, Thirsties Small Celery, Thirsties Small (forgot the name of the color!), Bummis Small Super Brite
**Note on the covers-Baby K suddenly grew out of Smalls last week so we may be switching in mediums-He needs to have his diaper and bum covered :)***

Monkey is READY (ok-at night-he wears undies during the day but I'll handwash his undies too because he can't have a lot of detergents on his bum and I wash his undies with the covers each week)

Possibly Monkey's cover (x2-the other will get washed with the first batch of flats)-Thirsties Medium

More than likely Monkey's covers-he's 32 lbs but we've been making due with Mediums until I could buy Large-these are Large

Switched around the changing table-the top two boxes are what I'm using this week for ALL changes

Top Right-Gerber Flats (to be used as doublers), Hemp preflats (homemade and to be used as doublers for both boys)
All the flats-24 Osocozies (6 are upstairs though and not in THIS picture), 9 flour sack, 2 flannel (homemade)

Breathable washer and 1 of the buckets.  I will be washing with the breathable washer 1-2 times and handwashing without it the other time(s)

 How I dried the flats before the challenge to prepare

 Another view-Flats are too long to dry my normal way and they take a lot longer to dry so the shower rod is best in my experience so far.

 My normal way of drying (taken the week before the challenge started)

 Laundry mountains (not just flats).

 A check-in with one of the mamas I'm sponsoring with the challenge, Amanda.  Make sure to follow her journey too!  I will try to link up her new posts with mine.  Here's her prepping post

I will also add the linky with the other mama's first days here and I will blog about each day after it happens (so our post for all of today will be posted tomorrow and I'll link it with tomorrow's).  I get to post usually during nap time so I figure that way I can for sure make it in the linky :).  Oh and watch for posts for Monkey's reading and preschool later today.  We did do more last week but I didn't get a chance to post!

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