Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday's lessons-28, 29 (L), 30, 31 (w)

Monkey is breezing through and wanted to do 4 lessons again.  We skipped Wednesday because it just got too hectic.  I don't remember what all we were doing but I'm in the middle of packing stuff so we can move it out today (Saturday) in to our storage and list our house.  More to come on that whole thing!  He had a hard time with L (really l but I didn't want it to look like an uppercase i when I typed that).  He can't quite make that sound yet.  We found out yesterday (Friday) he can't make the full "sh" sound either.  His annunciation of most words is impressive for a 3 year old-these seem to be the only sounds he has a hard time with.  He can say "lion" properly if we work with him and say "listen (pause) lll-ion."  He has a hard time if L is somewhere else in the word though.  R was kind of difficult too but he gets it most of the time.

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