Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday's lessons-32, 33 (g), 34, attempt at 35

Monkey breezed through 32-34 again but started getting antsy at 35 and couldn't make the "sh" sound properly.  After I asked him to say "fish" I realized that he was pronouncing it the way he could.  We stopped though because it was bedtime and he wanted to spend a little time with daddy who came home early last night.

Monkey is getting really quick at sounding things out-sometimes so quick that he'll guess a word rather than actually sound it out.  I have to remind him at times to sound it out and it will take a minute of going back and forth with it but he'll eventually break it down and figure it out.  His most difficult word so far has been "little" mainly because the "L" sound is so hard for him.  He's getting it but that's been a word he's had to stop on a bunch.

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