Saturday, May 14, 2011

Monkey Platter #2

So Monkey had his first one Monday... Long story short he kinda deleted a bunch of my pictures on my iPod touch Tuesday including some from the fashion show Baby K modeled in :(. So here's his second one...

(Man blogger "ate" a bunch of my text-I sent this post from my iPod touch!)

1/4 of a sandwich leftover from the other 3/4 of a sandwich from the night before, grapes, ritz crackers, cheese stick, dried peaches (not homemade-Just Tomatoes brand though I have a food dehydrator.  I do plan on using it!)

His first one had leftover chinese chicken (the "dry" chicken they use with sweet and sour chicken), a few fries, cheerio mix (like chex mix but cheerios), grapes, and dried peaches.

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