Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 3 Review, comments about drying

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Day 3-Wednesday was fairly uneventful.  I washed on Day 2 and busted a bunch of nails (see yesterday's post) but it took well over 12 hours for ANY of our flats to dry.  I posted pictures on Day 1 so make sure to look at those-I hang 3-4 on hangers barely overlapping on my shower rod.  Obviously that doesn't work.  I don't have anywhere else inside I can hang them to spread them out more or that they won't touch the floor.  I tried doing my normal banister hang but they touch the floor and take the same amount of time to dry.  I can't hang outside.  SO now in the search for where we're going to live an outdoor line and being allowed to do a $5 indoor line are musts.  I'm fine with setting our own outdoor line up but we need to be allowed to do one instead of being in an apartment or HOA that doesn't allow hanging anything (GRR!).

No leaks on Day 3.  However I forgot to mention on Day 2 for some reason I scratched one of my fingers up with a snappi and bled and did it AGAIN today.  I'm a Snappi pro-Monkey was in prefolds and wool exclusively for over a year.  Baby K has been using prefolds since the beginning (along with fitteds in newborn stage and pockets when he started in one sized diapers BUT he has gone days upon days at a time with only prefolds).  I did 2 weeks before the challenge that we did mostly flats so I could get used to them and get "kinks" worked out because we're trying to get our house ready to sell so taking time out for leaks wasn't really an option.  Don't know how it happened but it HURT.  It was right next to my nail.

I did wash covers on Day 3 though.  It only took about 5 minutes.  I put the covers in the bucket, added cold water to rinse and scrubbed with my fingers in the spots that were messy.  I put warm in with 1 tsp Rockin Green and agitated for a minute.  Took them out and squeezed them out.  Then I did two rinses in warm and agitated each time to get all the soap out.  I squeezed well but one is still drying.  I did that around 1 PM yesterday. Granted my basement where the drying rack is (in my room) is about 60-65 degrees.  I also did a couple pockets (that we used Sunday afternoon) and those aren't dry yet.

I have to say though I get nervous when I only see 1 cover sitting in my pile-as a newborn Baby K would go through upwards of 7 covers a day when he was wearing prefolds and a few when he would seep out of fitteds (on the leg part).  5 covers scares me.  There's a reason why I have a lot more than that normally (besides only wanting to wash once a week).

Day 4 so far has brought a leak in our overnight fold-did origami and will be going back to my new fold I invented because it's been working great-the accordion fold.  Tried accordion on Monkey overnight but it was hard to get it snappied-it really works best on an infant.  He stayed dry though (YAY!).

Day 4 will also bring another wash. 

Here's a picture of each of the boys yesterday.  Baby K wore his new Ian Polo romper (not as a cover-he wore a PUL cover underneath and wore the Ian Polo as an outfit :) ).  I am a licensed knitter of the pattern and love custom orders (wink wink!) (email me through my site if you want a custom-I don't have them "officially" listed yet because I'm working on an instock one right now but can ALWAYS do customs :) )

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