Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flats Challenge Day 2-first wash day, Monkey's doctor's appointment, BUSY day!

A quick link back to the rules.

So yesterday I felt like Cinderella with all the scrubbing and today I'm getting it from the diapers.  As I write they're soaking in HOT and I'm waiting for Baby K to be done nursing so he can go to bed and I can finish washing.  I've decided my off wash days I will be scrubbing the house so we can get the pictures done and get the listing finished.

Today was pretty good-neither kid has leaked and both are happy!  Monkey's 3 year checkup was today.  He weighed in at 31.5 lbs and 38 inches.  He had to get a few shots but didn't even cry.  HOWEVER he got up at 6:30 AGAIN (he normally sleeps from 8 or 9 PM to 8 or 9 AM) after not going to sleep until around 11:30 PM.  He was in bed-just didn't go to sleep.  After the doctor (I recruited my mom to  help since Baby K ALWAYS wants to nurse when the doctor comes in the room) we went to the health department to finally get Baby K's birth certificate.  Then we went to get lunch at Quizno's.  Monkey had a BIG accident there-I don't remember him ever having one like that out and about.  He had to ride home in 50 degree weather in undies, socks, and shoes (I had a clean pair of undies but nothing else and even took blankets out so we could move boxes in the trunk of my car).  We got home and he was asleep and he went down for a nap in undies but at some point got dressed in the clothes I got out for him.

Baby K napped in doubled up flats.  We used both Origami with a Twist and Accordion.  He also pooped twice today (better that 5!) and today was the first wash day.  Here's my routine:

-Rinsed out bucket-filled with cold water in the tub.  Added all diapers except the PUL ones from the day before the challenge and covers and wetbags (will wash those separate).  Agitated with my hands a little bit.  Let sit while I gave Monkey a bath and while Baby K ate-about an hour?  I put the bucket by my sink and then moved back to tub for step 2.
-Pulled each diaper out and squeezed.  Rubbed messy parts against each other (wipes included) in the yucky water.  Put each one in the tub in a pile.  Dumped out bucket and rinsed and rinsed the tub a bit so everything would go down the drain.

-Filled the bucket halfway with HOT and added 1 Tbs of Rockin Green Hard Rock (Lavender Mint) and mixed it until it dissolved.  Added diapers and agitated with each addition, especially the messies.  Now they're soaking.  Baby K just finished eating so I'll go finish and finish this post :)

-After soaking I agitated the heck out of those things.  Then I drained what I could out of my bucket.  I squeezed the water out of each.  I checked each one and the ones that had a filmy mess on them I ran under warm water and rubbed the parts of those diapers/wipes against themselves.

-I started warm water (so my hands wouldn't bleed in cold) and then agitated again for about 5 minutes.  I made sure to knead all the diapers well.

-Took them all out to squeeze again.

-Ran warm water again-agitated for about 2 minutes.

-Squeezed each again

-Hung to dry.

So what are my thoughts?  Well I busted a bunch of nails.  I just filed them so they weren't very long to begin with.  I will NEVER do that in a bucket again!  Next time I'll fill the tub with just enough to cover the diapers I think.  The time after that will be the mobile washer.  I plan to wash again on Thursday and again Saturday and then Monday after the challenge is over.

Oh and I noticed that it was VERY hard to squeeze water out of prefolds-don't try!

Now for some Accordion fold tips...
-Do the last fold as pictured but when you bring the front up around the baby make sure to flare the front while leaving the center folded in well.
-Pull the first wing to meet the front then pull the wing on the outside around-snappi on that second wing.  this is probably a better fold for infants than toddlers.

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