Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter D over a few weeks... (Post from October)

Well again (as usual) life has happened.  Monkey has had some issues for over a year and it finally got to the point we had to schedule him for surgery.  In the meantime I've been trying to balance getting another job to work from home as well as big orders and working on stuff for Baby K (I have a HUGE list of things I have to get made still).  So we're behind where we wanted to be but plan to play catch up.  So here are the books we've been reading:

Bob Book C/D book
Alphatales Detective Dog and the Disappearing Doughnuts (we have the whole set of Alphatales-if you're new to the blog check out the link on the left side for information about the materials we often use)

Have You Seen My Duckling? Great book for babies and young toddlers.  Its mainly pictures with just a few words

Monkey's favorite:

 Mom's pick for lots of learning (great opposites book)

One Duck Stuck- fun counting book

 Dinosaur Alphabet-more for older kids as the alphabet is a bunch of hard-to-pronounce dinosaur names.  Monkey loved looking at the pictures though.

 Another Day of Dinosaurs (and a few others)

 My First Golden Book of ABC's-cute alphabet book but a little outdated (pictures of money are old)

 I highly recommend this one to beginning counters.  It was a really good book teaching different things to count.

 Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs-really fun book by Byron Barton (we love his board books!).  Very simple and fun pictures

Danny and the Dinosaur-we really enjoyed this book.  I would highly recommend it for a simple fun book to read

ABC T-Rex-we especially liked this one.  I like to get an alphabet book relating to our topic whenever I can and this one fit in perfectly.  The pictures are bright and fun to look at.

I'm Going to Read (Level 2): Hungry Dinosaur (I'm Going to Read Series)-I've liked all of the "I'm going to read" books we've read so far.  The book is very simple to read, has really fun pictures, and an enjoyable story.  Monkey tried to read along.

Dinosaur Roar (Picture Puffins)-Monkey also liked this one.  It was a fun read.  Here's a link for the board book and a finger puppet.

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