Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monkey's Favorite iPod (iPhone 4) apps

I just had Monkey "fetch" my iPod (I know that sounds horrible but he LOVES to get us things and isn't that why you have kids ;) ).  The crazy kid knows how to unlock it and find the camera even though I have it in a subcategory!  I just got an iPod touch (newer generation) about a week and a half ago and Monkey LOVES it (so does hubby!).  Hubby is going to get an iPad to use at grad school in the next couple of months.  We decided that we would do this so we could use Facetime to talk to each other.  I decided I'd do a post though with some of our favorite apps!  This post is all about Monkey's favs-look for the post on mine coming up next.  To find the app go to iTunes and go to the iTunes store.

MiniPiano (free)-Need I say more?
Finger Drums (free)-Be aware with this one that there are ADS so you will want to watch your kiddos with it.  Monkey loves music though so these ones are fun!
Lego Photo (free)-Take a picture or use one you've already taken (warning-you can't save the picture if you take it with the program after you've turned it in to Legos) and turn it in to a Lego mosaic.
Quizzing by Toddler Teasers ($1.99 and so worth it!)-this one is our very favorite.  You can quiz your kiddo on shapes, colors, numbers, and upper or lowercase letters (you can't do both at the same time so you have to pick one or the other in the menu) or turn off some of the functions and just quiz one thing (try the shape one for free to see if you like it but Monkey loves it).  It gives the kid at least 4 things and it says "Touch the ____" if they touch the wrong thing it says what they touched and then repeats "Touch the ____".  After they get so many pages done (you can set that) the app comes up with a page full of fun shapes and items and it says "Pick a sticker" and then after they touch one it goes to a scene and says "Put the sticker on the page."  This is Monkey's very favorite part.  He will play this game for forever if you let him.

We have a bunch of other ones on my iPod that we haven't got to try yet so I will add more as we use them.

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