Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lesson 6 and 7-introducing "t"

For information on what we use for teaching reading see this post first.

Monkey begged from the beginning of the day to get more books out.  We read books 1-4.  He later sat on the couch with his books and read them all word perfect by himself with a big grin on his face.  I can tell he really likes reading and loves to learn.

We did Lesson 6-just reviewing the letters for about 1.5 minutes and moved on to lesson 7.  He was anxious to move on after learning his new sound-"t" (not "tuh" or "tah"-say the word "start" and that's the sound you want to teach).  We skipped to Task 8 and read the words.  He was able to learn to sound them out with just a little help from me.  We then moved on to reading "I Am Sam" book 5- "Mat" with new word "Mat" (and there's also the word "rat" in there-when we got to it he did the "r" sound by himself and kind of paused to see if he was right-with encouragement and a little help he sounded out the word "rat").  He had a bit of an issue with this book and book 4 because there are 2-3 lines of writing on the page and he wasn't sure where to start.  I had to help him quite a bit on each page but I know after a couple of days it will click with him and he won't have an issue with it.  I helped him move his finger along the words (he's been moving his finger on the single lines all along but didn't know what to do with multiple lines).

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  1. What an amazing little boy! I can't wait for him to read to me again :)