Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why we cloth diaper

So some of you may be wondering WHY we do cloth diapers.  I started doing cloth diapers when Monkey was 2 1/2 months old because I was sick of laundry.  Yes seriously!  I really started doing LESS laundry with cloth diapers because I was washing Monkey's clothes multiple times a day so they wouldn't stain bad with all the disposable blowouts.  When we started cloth we didn't have a lot of diapers at first so I was doing diapers every day and Monkey's clothes every other day (still less laundry).  We built up our stash and I started making them.  After just a short period of time I started washing every 3 days and eventually once a week.  The bonus is when a baby is JUST breastfed (no solids) you don't have to do anything with the poop-you toss all the diapers in a DRY pail with a washable liner and when you're ready to wash you just put them in the washer and do a cold rinse, hot cycle with detergent (we LOVE Rockin Green), and cold rinse and then hang dry (we put prefolds and inserts in the drier).  Easy peasy!

I started cloth diapering Baby K when he was about 3 days old (full time-his first cloth diaper was coming home from the hospital).  I wanted to make sure all the meconium was gone and it was by the time the hospital 'sposies ran out.  We haven't looked back!

Before Baby K was born I took some pictures of my changing table system.  It's really really easy to cloth diaper if you have a system in place.  I have the changing table set up with 4 bins (I'll describe in the pictures) and the diaper pail is under Hubby's sink (we have our own sinks in the hallway of our bathroom area) along with both boy's laundry hampers.

Full changing table

Closeup of the bins

Bottom right-inserts and One Size diapers (until they started fitting)

Just a picture of the inside of that same bin

Side view of same bin

Another side view of same bin

Fitted diapers-bottom left

Top left-prefolds and bigger prefolds to put under bum when changing

Top right-fitteds and covers (now has pocket diapers and covers)

Side view of same bin

Another view of same bin

Bar on Monkey's closet so he doesn't destroy it

Top has the wipes container, spray for wipes, diaper creams, etc.  The bin under it has changing table pads, wetbags, snappis, pins, etc.  To the left of those are Monkey's prefolds and cover and snappi


  1. Hi, found you from the DDL Linky. Holy stash mama! So jealous. And yeah, KSL is awesome! Glad to see there's another Utah mama cloth diapering! :D

  2. I worked HARD to make all the fitteds :)! I have newborn and medium taken care of-size smalls are kinda few and far between LOL. It's mostly PFs for us with a few OS diapers. Here soon with the flats challenge though we'll have plenty of diapers so I can wash a little less often. I got most of the covers shown (the nb ones) off Diaperswappers. I've been scrapping and saving to get some size small and OS covers-we only had 2 smalls-we made due because DS1 was pretty much in mediums when we started CDing. I've been knitting like crazy too. The NEXT baby will have enough diapers LOL!