Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lesson 4 and 5 4/25-introducing "e" as in "see"

For information on what we use for teaching reading see this post first

We spent the weekend reviewing our first 3 books in the "I Am Sam" series.  Monkey was excited to show his daddy and grandparents what he could do.  He also started picking out words on signs and other things to read.  We quickly reviewed through lesson 4-just reviewing the letters he had already learned.  He was a little rusty on "a" but after a quick reminder he did great.

We tried to make it through most of lesson 5 but he got bored again so we just reviewed the sounds a bunch of times (and introduced "e" as in "see").  He was very anxious to review his books and read a new one.  We reviewed the first 3 again and then started "See Me" with new word "me".  After a couple reads he did it almost perfect (1 or 2 mistakes that he quickly corrected).

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