Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lesson 3 4/22-introducing a (as in apple)

For information on what we use for teaching reading see this post first.

We did lesson 3.  Monkey picked it up quick and got really board with all of the things besides just moving on the arrows.  He liked reading the words (it introduces the word "am" in Task 6).  We've decided we can't really go through the whole lesson because he doesn't have the attention span for it and gets bored reviewing over and over.  We read the first two books in the "I Am Sam" series again.  We then introduced Book 3, "See Sam" which introduces a new word, "am".  Monkey struggled for a minute because he didn't see the difference between the word "Sam" and the word "am" at first and then I showed him how to break it up to sound it out (decode the word) and it clicked.  He hasn't had an issue since.

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