Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lesson 2 4/21

Well we're beginning our day 2.  I'm writing this entry in 2 parts because Baby K is napping and Monkey is busily working on puzzles and "reading" books and wants to be alone for the moment.  We haven't done the second lesson yet but I wanted to mention that he picked up "I See Sam" (book 1 in the I See Sam series-see this post for more info on what I'm using to teach Monkey to read) and read it almost perfect (just a couple mistakes).  We then went downstairs so I could change Baby K's diaper and Monkey climbed in "Mommy and Daddy bed" and said "I will read the book." and continued to read it word perfect.  To make sure he wasn't just memorizing and reciting (as he likes to do with books) I pulled out book 2, "Sam", and he read it word perfect!  He was so excited that he could read it.  He doesn't understand the punctuation but I don't plan to stress that for a little bit.  He's very proud of himself and continued by begging to watch Letter Factory and wanted to continue to read, but on his own.  He's currently down laying in his bed looking at books (his favorite activity lately).

We later did lesson 2 but he was VERY bored.  It was all review.  I've gone through the first several lessons and made notes of where to combine lessons.  We will do lesson 3 tomorrow.

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