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Week of June 7th

It's been a LONG time I know but we've been crazy busy.  Monkey has had a lot of growing up over the last few months, we've listed our house and been in and out like crazy (still waiting for our buyers to come along!), etc, etc.  I got some motivation today (June 7th) though to get back to the regular reading (we've still been reading but not a set time every day other than before nap and bed) and start in to our summer version of Tot School (more laid back-mainly just reading and occasional activities).  Here's the post for the link with links to individual days to let you all know what we're reading.  As always thanks for following and feel free to make comments!

Monkey is 26 months and a VERY busy little boy

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We're starting in to our local library's summer reading program.  From the looks of things they normally let kids age 3+ participate BUT they said 2 is ok.  I will post about what our weekly plans and activities are supposed to be and then I'll talk about what we do.  This is the first week and we're supposed to read 3+ hours by 6 PM Saturday each week.  The theme of the summer reading program is "Check Out A Hero".

Week 1: Heroes From the Past
Pre K-1st grade (there are also things for 2nd-3rd and 4th through 6th-I'll list those too even though we're participating with the Pre K-1st but some things we may skip or simplify because Monkey is 2).
1. Listen to a story about a hero from the past.
2. Draw a picture of a famous person from history (we'll probably skip this but we'll find a book about a famous person from history-probably a Founding Father)
3. With the help of an adult, look at the pictures of heroes from different countries (I'll do some research on this and maybe we'll check out some books to read)

2nd-3rd grade
1. Read a book about someone in the past who moved to a new country or place for safety.
2. Many streets, parks, schools, and buildings are named after a notable person.  With your family, visit one of these sites.
3. Learn about heroes from another culture.

4th-6th grade:
1. Read about an explorer or scientist.
2. Read a multicultural fairy tale or folktale to learn about heroes from around the world.
3. Create a holiday for a hero not currently honored with a holiday.  What day would you choose and how would the day be celebrated?

Suggested Reading lists for the summer program
Pre-K-1st grade
Chicken Said, "Cluck!"-JER Grant
Henry and Mudge and the Wild Wind-JER Rylant (this is one that we checked out and then later purchased)
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses-JP Brett
Louise: The Adventures of a Chicken-JP DiCamillo
The Snail and the Whale-JP Donaldson (we've read this one in the past)
Imogene's Last Stand-JP Fleming
My Mom is a Figherfighter-JP Grambling
Traction Man is Here!-JP Grey
Pancakes for Supper-JP Isaacs
Clorinda-JP Kinerk
The Boy Who Held Back the Sea-JP Locker
The Robot and the Bluebird-JP Lucas
Precious and the Boo Hag-JP McKissack
The Police Cloud-JP Niemann
Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent-JP Peet
The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock-JP Peet
The Little Engine That Could-JP Piper
Horton Hatches the Egg-JP Seuss
The King's Stilts-JP Seuss
Brave Irene-JP Steig
Crictor-JP Ungerer
Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea-J371.00 M5544L 2009
Fin M'Coul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill-J398.220941 D4192f
Brave Norman: A True Story-J636.7527 C6266b
The Bravest Cat: The True Story of Scarlett-J636.8 D7817b 1997
Our Children Can Soar-J920.009296 C7717o 2009
Our Abe Lincoln-J973.7092 A9785o 2009

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