Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 3! Ocean!

Monkey is 17 months this week.

We've got a fun week planned this week learning about the Ocean!  If you're new to the blog check out the links on the side column so you can learn about our tot school, our materials, etc.

We made a tot book out of a combination of books found here (we used the whale vocab and the link with the pictures of the 32 whales) and here (we used all of them).  We assembled it in a blue folder (sorry I need to take pictures!) after laminating everything including the folder.  We used the loose binder rings to "bind" the books.  On the left side of the folder (top) we put the "How Many Animals" book (we used sticky-backed velcro so we can take it off to look at it alone if we want) and below we put the "Match the Animals" and the "Whale Vocabulary".  On the right side of the folder I made a pocket for the 32 types of dolphin pictures and then we attached the Ocean Animal ABCs (again with sticky-back velcro).  I glued a couple of paragraphs abot the 32 types of dolphins on the folder before laminating.

Here are the links for our daily activities (to be added throughout the week)
Monday (Labor Day so we didn't do a lot of Ocean activites)
Tuesday: Octopus and various ocean animals
Wednesday: Whales, making an aquarium, listening to an ocean CD from the library
Thursday: Fish
Friday: Various ocean animals and creatures
Saturday: Trip to the aquarium (will make a post and add picts later-need to get some from my cell phone uploaded-forgot the camera)

For Thursday and Friday see Monday of Week 4-week 3 was a LONG week and we ended up skipping tot school on Thursday and Friday.


  1. Sounds like a great tot book! I would love to see some pictures... and where did you find the loose binder rings? I use key rings for things like this - they work, but I would much rather have the *real* thing. :) Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. I will post pictures soon (need to take some when Monkey isn't THROWING the book :) ). I buy my binder rings at the office supply. They're on the row with all the various types of clips. My mom was the one that suggested them. I laminated everything then punched holes and put the rings on. The nice thing about those is you can rearrange the pictures in the books!