Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're Still Alive!

The month of August has been really busy! I hope to catch up soon. We've been enjoying our last little bit of time with Daddy before he goes back to school. I've also been researching home schooling and we are making plans to homeschool through about 6th grade. Monkey has been VERY busy learning. He's now 16 months and knows several animals and can name them (monkey, tiger, bear, giraffe, elephant, lion, duckie, fishy, doggie, kitty). Some of the names are funny but we're starting to understand them. We're going to start a bit of a tot/toddler school program that we spend a little time each day reading and have different days that we discover new things including learning more signs (I took 4 semsters of ASL in college). I will share our curriculum as we go! If anyone has any ideas as usual please share!!!

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