Friday, July 24, 2009

Curious George again :)

We have several more George books but here's two more that are fun.

Curious George's Big Book of Curiosity
This is a must have! It is one of those books that labels things but it isn't just one subject. You will find body parts, emotions, family clothing, toys, things you can find in your neighborhood/town, jobs, homes (types of homes), grocery store, meals (including foods you might eat in those meals), transportation, farm animals and sounds, counting to 20, shapes, alphabet, opposites, superlatives (ie low, lower, lowest), seasons, weather, birthday party (things you'd find at one), colors, pets (in a classroom), playground, musical instruments, land/Earth features, bathroom, bedroom. This would be great to teach how to read since everything is labeled. It also includes most things your child will learn in preschool.

Curious George and the Rocket
A slightly shorter version of Curious George Gets a Medal. The one we borrowed was a board book though which is fun for little hands

The Complete Adventures of Curious George
The ultimate must have! This book has all of the original stories:
-Curious George
-Curious George Takes A Job
-Curious George Rides a Bike
-Curious George Gets a Medal
-Curious George Flies a Kite
-Curious George Learns the Alphabet
-Curious George Goes to the Hospital
All are really fun stories!

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