Friday, July 18, 2014

The Goals in my Breastfeeding Journey: A Breastfeeding Carnival Post Day 1

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I will just give the brief version and give the more detailed version of HOW I got to the goals next week.  With Monkey originally my goal was 6 months but I learned the benefits of breastfeeding to a year and beyond so I set 1 year as my goal but 6 months as my stepping stone.  Once we reached a year (after a REALLY rocky start) I had set 18 months as my goal.  He had other plans and had finished weaning himself by 14 1/2 months.

With Kangaroo I set out to breastfeed him for 18 months when I was pregnant with him.  He also had a rocky start and a very painful 8 weeks for me.  After that 6 months, then 12 months, then 18 months came and went so I set a goal for 2 years but didn't see myself going past that.  His birthday came and went and I knew he wasn't ready to be done-he was still very much a baby.  I decided I would continue nursing until he was done or I got pregnant.  Having had 3 losses already and my body being SUPER sensitive during those early weeks I didn't want to chance losing another when we officially started trying.  We found out on Mother's Day last year we were expecting another baby and I started bleeding that night.  Kangaroo was 2 + 4 months and we dropped his last feeding.  The bleeding stopped and I let him nurse one last time so I could have a great memory of the last time he nursed.

Baby girl doesn't have a nickname online yet besides the nickname of her name :).  Roxy is now 6 months and we had a VERY difficult 4 months.  I hoped so much that we could make it through the struggles.  We have and my goal is to make it to 2 years unless she has other plans like Monkey did but I want her to nurse as long as she needs since she is our last but I don't see myself going past 3 but I guess we'll see what life brings.  As a mom I've learned to never say never because every child's needs and temperament are so different.

What are your goals for breastfeeding?

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