Friday, July 13, 2012

Rockin Green Femme Rock Review and GIVEAWAY

I received a pouch of Rockin Green Femme Rock a couple of months ago to review.  This is a detergent specially formulated for washing mama cloth (cloth menstrual pads).  If you aren't interested in learning about womanly cycles (ie my parents :) ) you may just want to skip down to the review or just skip this post :).

I'm not a huge menstrual cup fan.  I tried the Diva cup and it caused excruciating pain (and it got worse after having my second son to the point I absolutely can't tolerate the pain).  I got a Lunnette and while I like it sometimes it also causes me pain so I grin and bare it when I need to or just stick with my mama cloth.  I used to get super irritated skin from using disposables because my cycle likes to drag on sometimes and postpartum is totally the worst because I bleed for about 6 weeks and really need a pad for about 4-5 weeks.  I decided to try mama cloth after Monkey used cloth diapers for a bit so I bought some off of Etsy and from some WAHMs to try before deciding what I liked to be able to make my own.  After my cycle came back and I was able to try the pads I was a BIG fan.  I started to design Monkey Bunns cloth pads and eventually had a request for postpartum pads.  I think I like my postpartum/overnight ones more than anything.  I ended up making some for myself at that time and when I was pregnant with Kangaroo made a whole stash of them for postpartum so I just had to wash them every couple days and could alternate with some disposables when needed.  I've rarely used any disposable pads at all.  I've tried a few different wash routines and decided to change it all together to become super simple once I tried Femme Rock.

My first routine started as rinse the pads out with a diaper sprayer immediately after use, put in a wetbag that I kept near the toilet, and wash every few days.  I would do a cold rinse with a few sprinkles of baking soda (just used a box and dumped some in with the pads) and then a warm cycle with Rockin Green (regular cloth diaper detergent) and then another cold cycle.  I would normally lay flat to dry.

When we moved I no longer had a diaper sprayer and when we installed it we installed it in the kid's bathroom because I was using our removable shower head to rinse them.  I would rinse each off but things were hectic with 2 kids after my cycle came back so I just washed once at the end of my cycle doing the same routine mentioned above.  Seemed to work OK but I was having some staining issues.

When Rockin Green sent me a package of Femme Rock to review I was absolutely stoked (yes really-I get excited over simple things :) ).  I waited for my cycle to come very anxious to try it.  I decided to keep spraying as normal the first cycle and then at the end wash the pads.  I started out again with a couple sprinkles of baking soda in the cold rinse cycle.  After the rinse cycle I added just under 2 Tbs of Femme Rock (because I wash my pads alone so it's not a super huge load especially since I do use my menstrual cup some of the time) and did a warm cycle.  When I pulled my pads out I was shocked!  Most of my stains had come out of my pads that had been there for several cycles!

The next cycle I decided to hold off on the review a bit longer and try again.  I decided this time I wouldn't pre-spray the pads but instead just put them all in the wetbag and then wash at the end of my cycle.  Some of the organic bamboo velour ones I was just sure had stains all over them-NOPE!  NONE!

I HIGHLY recommend trying Rockin Green Femme Rock.  It's just as awesome for mama cloth as Rockin Green detergent is for diapers and clothes and everything else.  Our water is really funky where we live because we have well water with a softener.  The water is full of iron and pretty stinky.  My homemade detergent didn't work to get our clothes smelling fresh and neither did anything else I tried.  I decided to start using Rockin Green for all of our clothes and I've been really happy with using it with a few squirts of Bac-Out in our sweaty laundry loads (underwear, shirts, socks-any load with any of those).  I love it so much that Rockin Green is allowing me to giveaway a bag to you!  Please enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below!

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Updated to add that Rockin Green did give me a package of Femme Rock for my honest review.  They are also providing the bag for the giveaway.  I provided my honest review of Rockin Green and the free item and giveaway did not contribute to my opinion. 


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