Friday, July 13, 2012

Gearing up for World Breastfeeding Week

I haven't been around in a while again! I'm so sorry! I've been busy working with LLL (I'm a leader which means I volunteer and lead meetings as well as offering breastfeeding support via email), starting a Babywearing group, going on a trip to visit family in Utah, working with Monkey on school, keeping up the house, church callings, of course the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt in May, Monkey Bunns, etc, etc.  I'm trying to organize my time a bit better to allow me to check in here more often and post pictures of the cute guys...speaking of which!  PHOTO BOMB!!!!! (And in no particular order!)

At the park wearing our Wrapsody Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze

4th of July-you can kinda see the cute patriotic shorties I made Kangaroo!

Brothers :)

Monkey BEGGED me to take a picture of them at the table after lunch a few days ago

This is from April but Monkey is really loving riding his trike around and there's lots of room to ride here

Same day as the one before-I just LOVE his facial expression

Kangaroo is totally a rockstar!

Sweet baby!

I put my brother's pants on-OOPS!

"Silly Monkey!"

I just love how soft my diapers are underneath my bottom :)

Getting ready for a walk!

Monkey wanted to test out our Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid wrap and surprisingly at 34 lbs he is really comfy on my back!

I love this one :)

Kangaroo trying it out too (he was sick when we took this-he was happy to be snuggling but not happy for pictures)


In Utah we went bowling-we took turns helping the boys bowl and the both LOVED it!

Daddy helping Monkey bowl

Checking my score!
Ok, now that we're set on pictures...  I'm starting to write my posts for the Breastfeeding Carnival which is starting soon.  Be on the lookout!  I really enjoyed posting as part of the Blog Carnival last year and am happy I can participate again this year even though we moved away  *you can find more info here*!  I'm also running a Rockin Green giveaway right now so be sure to check that out!

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