Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rockin Green REMIX Review

This was supposed to post long ago.  UGH!

Rockin Green released a Remix of their former formula early fall.  I had the opportunity to sample and test it.  Here's the awesome package they sent!

I immediately used it!  They released a new scent just before-Earth, Wind, and Orchid.  I was able to try it out in the new formula and I was amazed.

I have super hard water in Utah-as in I normally strip every month with Calgon.  You can see more about my routine in a previous post and on Rockin Green's blog :).  Anyways I added 2 Tbs in the wash after doing a cold rinse-it's better if you remove the diapers first but I found with Remix you don't necessarily have to-it dissolves even better in the water than the previous formula.

I ended up stripping the load of diapers to get off old detergent.  After using it for a month (I wash about once a week) I noticed I didn't need to strip off the stink!  The Remix helps me go longer between strippings which saves me time and money!

You can find Rockin Green here or also at your favorite diaper retailer.  We use it and love it on ALL of our laundry. 

Rockin Green provided me with samples free of charge to write an honest review of the product.
The opinions in this post are my honest opinions, not that of Rockin Green.

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  1. I need to get some more RNG, I've been using Ruby Moon for a while and I like it a lot. Love RNG too though!!