Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long time no post!

I know it's been a LONG time since I posted.  Since I last posted we started our first day of Kindergarten, have had A LOT of sickies (flus, colds, etc), Kangaroo celebrated his first birthday, etc.  We're still doing our school year and because of lots of breaks with sickness we will certainly be continuing in the summer.  Here are some pictures to enjoy from our school year.

Monkey found Daddy's goggles that he has to wear while TAing his lab

First day of Kindergarten!  Almost 3.5 years

Our lovely school room/office-Monkey's table and book cases with reading books

Need to put the flag brace up (still)-this has all of our curriculum books and school books as well as churchy books and some adult books (novels, etc-nothing dirty!)

Puzzles on top, Art supplies, other misc things all organized in the clear filing cabinet, our normal filing stuff (and homeschool stuff) in the mettle one.  You can also see the puzzles under the puppets and box of I See Sam books to the side

Kid bookshelfs

Desk and whiteboard-at a level that Hubby can write while sitting at his desk doing homework.

Maps, Bookshelf with hubby's books on the bottom, my knitting books, patterns, etc on the center, novels and misc cds on the top shelf

Another view-to the left you can see where we keep our math manipulatives on top of another clear filing cabinet with yarn and other craft stuff.

A better view

Close up to show the organization-organized chaos :).  In the bin in the center are all the white board markers and crayons, next to that are stamps/ink/painting things

The basket in the back has some pencils and what not, Melissa and Doug letters and numbers magnets in the center, books for the day next to that.  Bob books and other reading books on the top shelf, Fablehaven, Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter in the center, Board books and books that Monkey can write with whiteboard markers on bottom

The supplies are all organized inside

Our clock and calendar wall-eventually there will be a flag mounted to the side

All of our school books of different varieties

Monkey excited to begin his day with scripture study/Book of Mormon reader

Kangaroo also excited to play!

Another day-how he lined his Kangaroo counters (he did this on his own-silly boy!)

Kangaroo also likes to get in the action with the Kangaroo counters (and all the other math manipulatives)

A day at the park

Boys in their mama-made Halloweeen costumes.  Kangaroo is a frog, Monkey is a spider

Using linking cubes to count the days of school

Whiteboard we added later showing the days of school.  It's up high because Kangaroo got ahold of the magnets and totally ruined one :(

Fall in Oregon

Kangaroo in our backyard with all the beautiful fall leaves

Also in our back yard :)

I really like this one of Monkey

Sweet boys!

Monkey playing hide-and-seek in our front yard

All my boys!

Super embarrassing I know but I HAD to throw in Kangaroo's first time on the potty-he still hasn't ever gone in it :(

Sweet baby!

Ok, not so sweet baby-what he did to Daddy's glasses in a matter of seconds while I was going to the bathroom

First snowfall here

Yeah-it kinda picked up.  This was the worst of that first snowfall.

A couple days later we had record flooding in our city-here's around our house-back


This is supposed to go on a banana when you cut one open and don't finish it.  Kangaroo likes to bite it-I thought it was silly :)

First steps!

More first steps!

Monkey working on some words/word families.  He is starting to spell now

Kangaroo LOVES the swings

Another snowfall-our second I believe.  We made a snowman!

One of Kangaroo's sick days-so sick he zonked on the box :(

Monkey underwent allergy testing and a couple days later had a peanut test and now he can have peanuts again!

The boys helping-doesn't happen often so I HAD to get a picture!

Our Spring Break trip to Newport with my parents-from Cobble Beach

Pretty lighthouse

Another view from Cobble Beach

Yet another view from Cobble Beach

Monkey climbing!

I really like this one :)

My big guys :)

This is at the OSU Aquarium in Newport


Kangaroo's first cookie (my pictures here on out are a little out of order-this was February)

100 day pizza!

Making a 100 day necklace

He wouldn't look at the camera and didn't like wearing it at first :)

Counting other special 100 day treats

See what I mean by out of order haha!  My dad took this picture of me taking a picture of my guys climbing lol!

It was SOOOO windy-Kangaroo had to look out at his Grandpa though :)


  1. I didn't know that home school stops in the summer. You learn something new every day. Also, Dea totally did something similar to her dad's glasses. :-P

  2. It totally depends on the family. I was thinking we'd just read in the summer like we have all along but we're probably going to continue formal school year round especially so we can have long breaks when kiddos are sick *this winter was BAD! We still haven't really had a good solid week since before Christmas-just a bunch of days here and there-still ahead of where we should be on some subjects while letting others go by the way side mainly Geography*, pregnancy bad days (someday-no no announcement-no plans for a while :) ), etc. I think this summer our main focus is going to be building up the dexterity to get Monkey to start writing. He wants to so bad but he just can't hold the pencil properly to be able to make smooth shapes and lines.