Monday, July 18, 2011

Crayola Dry Erase Crayons

What is Monkey so happy about?  Crayola's new Dry Erase Crayons (here's another link)!  We also got this-the Dry Erase Travel Set.  I got a package of the crayons to try on sheet protectors.  Basically the goal is to make homeschooling very cheap and to rip apart workbooks, store the pages in sheet protectors, and reuse them for each kid.  Monkey needs a lot of practice holding a pencil/crayon because he's left handed and not super coordinated with holding a crayon right.  In the pictures he's practicing drawing lines.  The package of crayons comes with a washable mit that you or your child can wear to erase the crayon and use it over and over.  I even tried these babies out on my whiteboard calendar and they came right off!  Regular crayon won't come off as easy as these.

We haven't used the travel pack yet but I opened it.  There are 4 crayons, a sharpener, and a washable mit as well as several small pages that you can put behind a special sheet protector thing so they can draw and do activities over and over again.  We got it for our move specifically so we won't be using it until August BUT I love the concept.  I would recommend the product.

Overall, I would recommend the crayons.  I couldn't find any negatives with them.  I even let a whole bunch sit for a week and a half and while it took just a little more effort to erase them-it wasn't much and there was NO residue left behind unlike with markers.

I did not receive any payment or product for this review.  The opinions are based fully off of my experience as there was no compensation of any variety for this review.  I happily take homeschooling and cloth diapering products for review and will give a full honest review of the product.  If you are interested in your product being featured please contact me!  I also happily take suggestions for items to review.

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