Monday, July 18, 2011

Breastfeeding Carnival Day 2: Eco Breastfeeding

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Honestly the environment wasn't a main part of my decision to breastfeed, just like it wasn't to cloth diaper.  It's a plus for sure though!  My whole reason for "green" things is not to save the planet-it's to save money.  If I can save money and do something to help the planet that's a positive for me but I'm not going to spend a lot of extra money for "green" things.  The main reason-we just don't have it!

My main reason for breastfeeding was that it is normal.  It's a natural process to nourish and comfort your baby.  As with most things it takes learning and isn't easy but it's most definitely worth it to hang in there when times are rough and continue breastfeeding through the first year at least.

My main reason for cloth diapering was to do less laundry to save my time (yes seriously).  The secondary reason was to save money.  Third was because it was better for baby's bum.  Fourth, that it is good for the environment to not throw all the chemicals and waste in a landfill.  I do get knocked for that within the cloth diaper community but I am also an honest person.  Monkey was having blowouts several times a day and I was washing his clothes at least twice a day or soaking all day and adding stuff throughout the day.  It was awful.  I was going through TONS of Baby All because that's all his skin (still) could tolerate (except for the homemade stuff I make-he's been ok so far with that).  I had a hard time ever finding time to do our laundry because I was always doing his.  I was a member of an awesome online board on iVillage and someone recommended that we try cloth diapers.  It was an investment upfront but everyone told me they hadn't ever had blowouts.  Sure enough-it wasn't until he had an upper GI x-ray and had an intestinal blockage that we had a blowout and he was just in a diaper sitting in his Bumbo.  Baby K has had a couple but he'll go up to 3 days without going so it's kind of a seep out and is NOTHING to take care of (none of his have stained his clothes like Monkey's did).

I try to make healthy foods and make most things from scratch.  We really don't have  a lot of garbage because of this.  I reuse our plastic bags if I forget to take bags (I like them for little garbage cans especially!).  I take a reusable waterbottle and reusable dishes (cheapos from Walmart for picnics and what not) when we go out.  All of those things save us money but are also helping the planet.  The environment comes in to consideration but honestly isn't a big reason why I do anything.  It may be on my list but not my main concern.

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  1. The environment is a large concern for me, but I agree that it's not my first concern. It's health, money, then environment. If I can find a way to get all three of those things, I'm extra happy.

  2. We all want to do what is best for our children. It's nice that these things are usually also good for the environment. And, as you pointed out, for our wallets! It a pretty convincing argument to at least give it a try. I'm pregnant with my first and have all these good intentions. I'm just worried about cloth diapers. They seem like lots of work!

  3. Sara-they seem overwhelming but they really are a piece of cake. If Ou have questions you're totally welcome to email me at monkeybunns at gmail dot com (I'm a wahm cd maker just so you know-I wouldn't recommend cloth so much if I didn't think they were simple enough that most people could do if not all)