Monday, July 18, 2011

Breastfeeding Carnival Day 1: Mothers Before Me

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Breastfeeding has always been normal to me.  You have a baby, you breastfeed.  I've watched my aunt, neighbors, etc breastfeed.  My mother breastfed me.  My mother-in-law breastfed her kids.  I didn't know anything could possibly be weird or gross about it until I got married and learned that it wasn't normal within the extended family.  I think one of my big influencers though was my friend Shae.  I saw her nursing her baby in church next to me even though many of the women in my ward were super uncomfortable with it.  I got a lot of negative comments when I started nursing Monkey in church.  I won't go in to the nursing in public yet (that's another day :) ) but I did some research and practiced a lot before our first time going out in public.

Breastfeeding is considered taboo in the extended family.  I'm supposed to go in another room AND cover up to make everyone happy.  That doesn't make me or either one of my boys so far happy so after each got a good latch and I was able to nurse discreetly I gave up and basically said I don't care.  Unless a baby with a bottle is required to go in another room I don't feel I should be forced to either.  The OPTION is nice if it were an option.  Baby K often gets distracted because he's 6 months and with both the distractable age starts at about 4 months.  It's nice to be able to go in another room sometimes but I don't like feeling forced in to it.

I knew ALL of this was a strong likelyhood before I started breastfeeding Monkey as a baby.  Because I grew up with the idea that breastfeeding was normal though I felt very strongly about it, especially seeing so much research about how much better it was for baby, etc.  We had a lot of struggles and I constantly got "Well just give up." but that wasn't an option to me.  I fully felt like when you have a baby your body makes milk therefore you need to breastfeed unless the benefits of NOT breastfeeding far outweigh the risks of formula feeding.

I'm grateful for the strong women influences in my decision to breastfeed.  Had I not seen breastfeeding as normal throughout my childhood that could have made me quit when times were rough.  I hope I'm able to help influence my children someday to encourage that their children are breastfed (or future daughters will breastfeed their kids).

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  1. Great post! I love your line about how you should breastfeed unless the benefits of not breastfeeding far outweigh the risks of formula feeding.

    I also agree that it's nice to have another room to go into (especially when I'm trying to get my wiggly toddler to sleep), but it certainly shouldn't be required. Just like covers are nice for moms who feel more comfortable using one, but a mother should never be forced to use one.