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Breastfeeding Carnival Day 11: Importance of Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is super important to me because we are mammals.  I remember learning clear back in Kindergarten or 1st grade that animals fit in the classification of "mammal" if they made milk for their young.  Humans are mammals.  We automatically make milk for our young.  It is a natural process that should be taught to every generation.  It's best for baby because human milk was made specifically for our species.  God created us to be able to feed our babies for many reasons.  I believe a few of those are to comfort our babies, to create a special motherly bond with our babies, to give them the proper nutrients that their brain need, to give them the best start in life, to prevent illnesses, and to bring women together.  I will touch on a couple of these points.

I've always seen breastfeeding as important.  I honestly didn't know that there were women that DIDN'T breastfeed until I got older.  Now it seems as a breastfeeding mother I'm surrounded by non-breastfeeding women or women who constantly encourage to give bottles of formula, pump and give bottles, etc in any situation they don't deem "fit" to breastfeed baby.  People I'm surrounded by don't think it's important for the most part and a lot think it's disgusting or unnatural.  This makes me feel like I need to strive harder to protect breastfeeding and encourage my boys to encourage their wives someday to breastfeed and my daughters that I hope to have to breastfeed their babies (and any future sons to encourage their wives too).

I believe that women have a difficult time at first naturally to bring women together to help each other succeed.  It's awesome if there are mothers that never have issues or difficulties-I'm personally not one of them!  I've had issues with both boys but I've worked through them with the help of LLL, books, and other mothers. 

I'm glad that God created us to breastfeed.  I know there are some women out there that are absolutely unable to breastfeed for whatever reason.  I think those women also need to rely on other women for support whether it is for donor milk or to grieve because it is a loss and I know that many women are left very upset by it.  I'm grateful that I'm able to nourish my babies and give them the best possible start.  I'm grateful I'm able to comfort my babies through growth spurt pains, teething, etc.  Babies go through A LOT because they have to grow in every way possible to become adults someday but a lot of that growth is done in the first few years.  I'm glad I was around a lot of people during my young and most impressionable years that encouraged breastfeeding.  I hope I'm able to show that importance to my own children and other children and people around me while I do what is natural.

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