Monday, May 16, 2011

More updates to our preps for the flats challenge

Quick link back to the rules.

We've been using our flats pretty much all the time since they came so I could practice folds, know when we need more so they don't leak, etc.  Here's what I've found.

Our favorite fold is the Origami fold

 Monkey is staying dry at night so he doesn't need them (hopefully!).  He's been staying in undies at night and nap.  If he does need them the best thing I've found is to do origami fold and then trifold a hemp preflat (size of a regular prefold but one flat piece of hemp fleece stitched around the edges) and stick it on top.

Baby K needs more in the morning and at night and nap.  I can either do a double flat and fold origami OR I can put a hemp preflat in.

Pins really aren't that bad!

You can fold a flat up quite a bit and put it in a pocket and it works as well as microfiber!

There is a use for Gerbers-they work well as doublers.  I will even fold them up with a good flat (we have these and LOVE them-so much we bought another dozen and they came VERY quickly!) and they work well

When doing the origami fold I learned a new technique-made it up?  I will take the sides and pull them tight and then twist them before pinning/snappi-ing.  I will try to take close up pictures of this because it really does get a better fit and fits under a cover better.

The only "complication" we've run in to is where to fold them.  I'm debating prefolding all of them in origami fold but they won't fit as nicely in our bins (see this post for our storage).  Still not sure what we'll do on that.  Other than that we love flats just as much if not better than prefolds-I'd say more because they're totally one size!

I also discovered that one regular full hot wash and extra cold rinse fully prepped our diapers.  Make sure you check out the links on this post for ALL of our preps.

What I have left to do:
-Get the mobile washer in the mail (hopefully it will be here in time-if not then oh well)
-Get another bucket.  The plan is to do what hubby did on his mission and have one for washing and one with clean water for rinsing to save a little time.

I will be adding the linky to this post BUT you really need to check this post out to see a list of all of our preps posts.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done to prepare!  We're (or I guess I since Baby K could really care less :) ) really excited for this challenge!


  1. You're brave, I don't know if I could try pins!

  2. Lol :) I do snappi too but I have a few pins and occasionally the snappi isn't where he's being changed

  3. My flats are flannel and they dont work with snappis. So I've been using pins and I love it! So much more adjustability! Yay!

  4. I made my 4 flannel ones out of cheapo flannel and they snappi. Some types do but pins aren't bad-especially if you can cross the sides and do one pin

  5. We're just folding ours and laying them in the covers. I am kind of nervous about trying any folds. We'll see if I need to.

    I look forward to reading more of your updates.

  6. Do you typically snappi or pin prefolds or just fold them? I've never been able to just lay one in-my boys are too...messy... The folds haven't bugged me too much. You could fold to prefold size and angel Wong or jelly roll it