Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monkey in a flat origami fold with a hemp doubler

These are from last night:

It fit around him very nicely and as you can see the rise is nice.  He's pretty tall for his age so I really truly thing these are one size diapers.  I'm going to have the mama that sent them give me a link so you can get the EXACT same ones if you want.  I know they came from Amazon and from All Together Diaper company (based out of Utah-too cool!).  They had fast shipping.  I'd guess they're probably these: OsoCosy Flat Diapers Dozen (they're flat and unbleached and were a dozen).  This company owns and I've ordered Gerber trainers from them (long long ago-when Monkey was 10 months).

Oh, most importantly-NO LEAKS!  He's in a medium Thirsties cover.  I've found that you can totally size down on covers with flats!  Baby K is in a XS Thirsties, Small everything else.

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