Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lesson 20 and 21-introducing o (like "mom")

We breezed through lessons again today while the A/C man came to work on our A/C that broke last August (in the dead of summer when it kept hitting 95 and above while pregnant-NOT FUN).  Yay-it was under $300!!!  We were worried the actual compressor was shot since it's from 93 apparently but nope-it works beautifully!  It needed a tune-up, to be cleaned, to have the coils straightened out, and a couple other things, and some freon and yay all better!!!  I'm still going to be opening our door and windows as long as possible and in the evenings when I can to save on electricity though!

Monkey read me "Mat"-Bob Book 1 and "See Mat" ("I Am Sam" book 6).  He breezed through the two lessons and I almost moved on but I thought we should stick to one new sound a day (he was wanting more though-I don't want to give him TOO much).  I also got in a discussion with the A/C man about reading and he has a 4 year old that they wanted to start in early Kindergarten so they spent a fortune on a preschool and haven't seen ANY results.  She can't even write her name and they promised she'd come out like she'd already finished Kindergarten.  I told him about my 2 things that are MUSTS for teaching reading:

LeapFrog: Letter Factory


Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

He was very interested and very appreciative-it's exactly what he's been searching for for months.  Hopefully it works out for him!

He also helped me!  I ran out of checks and we aren't reordering more because we're moving in a couple months and there's no point of having a bad address on them.  He took my debit card but with a super cool device called a square.  It's free and the app is free.  It doesn't have monthly fees or any sign up or any transaction restrictions, etc, etc.  It does a flat 2.75% on all transactions that you swipe a card and a little more if you enter it manually.  MUCH better than Paypal.  Here's some info on it:  They send it to you in the mail (for free).  I just signed up today so I'll update later.  I don't expect to use it a ton as I don't take a lot of local payments but I thought it would be a nice plus!  I have an iPod touch so I would obviously have to take it somewhere with wifi but that's usually not a problem.  (For those of you new to the blog I have a Hyena Cart and sometimes Etsy business-I make cloth diapers and hand knit goodies and am a licensed knitter of some really cute rompers and overalls).  Just thought I'd share-I've looked in to stuff in the past but this is an awesome awesome option.

Monkey also colored today :)

Yup I gots me a lefty!  I don't know HOW to fix the way he holds a crayon.  I have some websites and some suggestions from some local homeschooling mamas.  I'm not super worried about it yet as he's only 3 but I'll certainly encourage him to keep going left handed unlike my teacher from Kindergarten (I would switch back and forth)!


  1. New Follwer! Neat blog & beautiful family!!! I saw you on the Circle of Moms contest. I have 6 kiddos myself...all boys. And we homeschool as well. Feel free to check out my blog any ole time! :) God bless!

  2. Thanks! Thank you for the follow :)