Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lesson 15 and 16-introducing "th"

Yesterday, we went to Target to spend Monkey's birthday money.  I nudged him towards 2 things I knew he'd like.  First, Bananagrams.  Second, some water guns (they said 4+ on them but I think they'll be easy enough for him to use).  We opened the Bananagrams today.  We obviously won't play the game as written for a while but we did a few fun activities.  First, we spelled Monkey's name and Baby K's name.  Since I don't want to share their real names in a public forum I also spelled out Monkey and Baby K so I could share a picture :).

He helped me spell them out as I sounded the words out.  He knows how to spell his name so he just told me what to do.

The next game we played I would say a sound of a letter and he'd find the tiles.  This got a little frustrating for him a couple of times so I'd grab a group of tiles for him and tell him to pick the letter sound out of a smaller group.  Here's a picture of him searching

Showing off all of his sounds we've covered up to this point (before our new lessons today)


I finally talked him in to getting dressed (it's a battle I choose not to pick with him and I let him stay in his pjs until he'll agree to changing).  Before his nap time we did our reading lesson.  He started out by reading "Meet Mit" (book 7) again.  This time he read it much better.

After he read me the book we did lesson 15 and 16 which both included more words for reading and a "story" (sentence with a picture following).  Lesson 16 introduced the "th" sound.  He had a hard time at first differentiating between the "f" sound and the "th" sound.  Lesson 15 introduced the word "is" which is a funky word.  After he got done we read the first Bob Book again, "Mat".  I'm so proud of my little reader!


  1. Boggle Jr. is a really good game too! We got it when my daughter was just three and she loved it!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll add it to the wishlist!