Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fluffy Mail!!!

Hooray!  A generous mama sent us some Birdseye flats and pins and the arrived today.  They're currently washing but I took some pictures to show them off and to show how much they'll shrink and what not.  They feel very nice.  They're much softer than the few Gerbers we have and are a lot bigger.  I'll likely be able to use them for Monkey for night time also which is awesome!

All opened up with the cute green pins


Closeup of the first measurement-just over 28

Closeup of the other dimension-27" (there's another one underneath it that goes out a bit further because I don't have them lined up perfectly)

Closeup of the weave

Another closeup of the weave

I can't wait to use them!!!  I will post after washing/drying pictures.  I'm going to toss them in the drier after we get home from the library activity tonight.

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