Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 5 and Day 6 together in one post

Friday was Day 5 and Saturday was Day 6.  Friday brought a blowout and washing covers it also brought a MAJOR issue with Monkey.  He decided to poop in his undies during nap time and it wasn't ummm completely solid!  So hubby cleaned his bum up.  I took the undies and yelled- "DON'T USE THE DIAPER SPRAYER!!!"  Fortunately he just dumped what he could.  I filled up the bucket in the bath tub and put his undies and pants and wipes in to soak.  They soaked for a couple hours.  I took the breathable washer out and plunged for a couple minutes.  I dumped the yucky water out and then put them in warm with 1/2 Tbs Rockin Green and added Baby K's covers and the pail liner and a wetbag.  I plunged for about 10 minutes and got ALL the mess out.  I rinsed once and we were set!

Day 6 was uneventful.  A couple small poops from Baby K and that was it!

Because the rules were clarified I decided I'd just finish off the challenge by doing my final wash on Monday.  I'm EXHAUSTED from trying to get our house ready to sell!  Oh and Baby K is spending his first night in his crib tonight!!!  I also have my button up on the side-figuring out how to show the html code for it so you can steal it for your blog.

Watch for my final notes on Monday.  I have a lot to say on it-let's just say my view on what I'm doing on our trip has changed and I had some major major stink issues and almost threw in the towel...  Wait for the post Monday!

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