Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tot School Week 2: Bear, 2, Green

Monkey is 2 +5 months

Monday and Tuesday were crazy days for us last week.  Monday being Labor Day (holiday so Daddy was home) and Tuesday I had a midwife appointment and so we didn't have time to do Tot School so we started on Wednesday and ended today and did 3 days of Tot School (Wednesday then Monday and Tuesday of this week).  We did our Learning Poster on Wednesday but didn't get to our letter box until today.


We started out by introducing our Learning Poster for the week-Letter B, Bear, number 2, green, and square again

We got our poems from the same sources as last week.

We then read:
Alpha Tales (Letter B: Bubble Bear) (Grades PreK-1)
Bernard, Me, and the Letter B (Alphabet Friends)
My "B" Sound Box (Sound Box Books)

This was one of Monkey's favorites and is certainly getting added to his wish list!

We really enjoyed this book too and I think it's a great book to read to kiddos to prepare for a new sibling on the way

This is a great book-especially if you tend to go towards Attachment Parenting (don't let the cover fool you).  It has pictures of the baby nursing and being close to mom and dad.  We really enjoyed it

The Baby Beebee Bird  This one had to be another one of our favorites because of the sounds in the book.  Monkey really enjoyed helping me make the sounds!
Blueberries for Sal Cute book about a mom and little girl (Sal) and a bear and her baby bear
The Big Balloon Race (I Can Read Book 3)
Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend
It's Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books(R))
The Lamb And The Butterfly
A Was Once an Apple Pie
Orange Pear Apple Bear


We really enjoyed all of our books that we read while we waited for a visit from Grandma!  I included the picture links of each of our books today.

Great counting book-simple pictures made this really fun and Monkey liked to count along.

Monkey enjoyed the rhyming in this book-I highly recommend it!

I LOVED this version of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt!"  Monkey enjoyed it a lot too-I think this was his favorite of the day

I like the simple pictures in this book.  It makes the classic story very fun even for a baby or young toddler though Monkey really enjoyed it!

To finish up we did our learning box and read A LOT

Do Your ABC's, Little Brown Bear (Picture Puffin Books)

We obviously had to read Brown Bear and some of Brown Bear's friends
Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? Board Book (World of Eric Carle)
Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? Board Book

 We then broke out our Brown Bear lapbook we made last year (sorry no pictures-I didn't realize I didn't take any last year!)

 We also read:
Teddy Bear For Sale (level 1) (Hello Reader)
The Berenstain Bears' New Baby
The Berenstain Bears and the Baby Chipmunk (I Can Read Book 1)
A Kiss for Little Bear (An I Can Read Book)
Moonbear's Shadow
Baby Bird's First Nest
Good Night, Baby Bear
Just Like Daddy
Moonbear's Skyfire (Moonbear Books)
(We LOVE Moonbear if you couldn't tell!)

Some other book ideas that we didn't get to:
Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear)
Other Berenstain Bears books
Honey Bunny Funnybunny (Beginner Books(R))
Bunny Bunny By Kirsten Hall
Benny's Big Bubble (All Aboard Reading)Biscuit and the Baby (My First I Can Read)
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby (I Can Read Book 2)
Corduroy (40th Anniversary Edition)
Other Little Bear Books
Books about Big Bird

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