Friday, August 28, 2009

Started Tot School-our week!

Well we're not quite done but it's nap time so I want to tell about our first awesome week!
I was working on all my tot books and am STILL not done with the first 15 weeks (until Christmas-we're going by the University schedule so we take breaks with daddy). The good news is that my Bachelor's degree paper is FINALLY on its way though (spent a lot of time this week on the phone!). We've also had some bad toddler days this week so we didn't do everything we wanted but it's ok! I think it'll do a separate post for each day so it's easier to follow. Our theme this week was colors and we also worked on A and B. I need to find/make some fun alphabet cards to laminate (some I could also put in a lap book). We have the foam mat thing that you link together on the floor however it only has uppercase letters. We love it though. You can even pull out a couple and punch the letters out and use it as a puzzle. Here are some other things we used this week:
Alphatales books (A and B this week) I bought mine from eBay but this shows a good picture of what comes in my boxed set
Puzzle from Walmart (we got several of the three packs of puzzles and one happened to have colors in it on crayons)
Toddler Play (I got my copy from paperback swap but it's an awesome book!)
The Toddler Busy Book (I got my copy from paper back swap and mine has a slightly different cover-highly recommend this book for every home!)
Baby Signing Time (watched volumes 1, 2, 3)
Various books from home and the library (will mention each in individual posts).

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