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Breastfeeding in Public: A Breastfeeding Carnival Post Day 10

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I've had many opportunities to nurse in public.  I'm a very modest person in my dress and I was worried when I first nursed Monkey how I would stay modest but also feed my baby.  I tried nursing covers but neither baby or I liked them.  I stuck with them only until baby could latch on their own and pretty well stuck home the first 4 months with Roxy for my comfort because she really needed me to be exposed to latch and I had to help her for the first few minutes.  Now she's a champ.  My favorite tip to people is to do the two shirt method.

Here is a product on Amazon (affiliate link-a small percentage of the sales through my affiliate link go to us to help buy homeschooling books without costing you extra, thanks!)

I purchased one of these very shirts with Monkey and found it very helpful.  We were on a tight budget though and I found that I needed to wash this and have an extra to wear while this was in the wash.  I decided to take a Down East tank top that fit well and cut slits off to the side like this.  By them being off to the side they don't show very well when wearing a slightly more form fitting shirt and you can pull it to the center of your breast well.  You wear one of these shirts under any of your shirts-I highly recommend maternity shirts because they have a little extra so they lift well (t-shirts not the ones that tie under your breasts :) ).  You can also use this two shirt method while babywearing.  I've used this method for over 6 years now and know that I'm not exposing myself which makes me more comfortable.  You can see it in use in this picture:

Photo by Alicia

Photo by Alicia
Another awesome product is an Undercover Mama, similar concept but instead of slits this one attaches to any nursing bra and pulls down when you pull your bra flap down.

I used one of these as well but got one a little too form fitting so it wasn't all that comfortable.  I loved it though and still should get another one.  I like that they're really long so you don't expose your tummy which makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

Breastfeeding mothers should breastfeed however and wherever they are comfortable.  Whether that's using a cover, using two shirts, using a baby carrier (I use the two shirt method while babywearing as well), or just lifting their shirt do what you need to feel comfortable!

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