Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Real Diaper Week Day 2: Elimination Communication-ish?

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Using cloth diapers eliminates A TON of waste that goes into the landfill.  If you also use cloth wipes you reduce your impact even more.  Another way to really reduce your impact is to do Elimination Communication-or diaper-free baby.  This CERTAINLY isn't for everyone and it isn't for us for the first little while however we introduced the potty really early to Monkey.  We followed the Diaper Free Before 3 method (see link below). 


This is Monkey ripping in to his first birthday cake in underwear.   He was mostly trained by his first birthday because we introduced the potty at about 10.5 months when he started following me to the bathroom.  He quickly picked it up and started holding it until the regular times I would put him on the potty.  He was mostly trained by a year and then had a little bit of a regression at 15 months when he started having his urine issues.  He was fully trained by 18 months-during the day.  He still bedwets at night sometimes but we figure that's likely genetic and he is a SUPER DEEP sleeper.

Kangaroo is a different story. 
This is his first time on the potty.  He has never actually GONE on the potty.  Ok I take that back-I caught half of a poop on the potty.  We've just been so sick all winter I haven't gone with it but probably will this summer.

What do I recommend when early potty training?

  • Patience!
  • Undies or nakey bum-putting kiddos in waterproof trainers doesn't help you know when they go and doesn't help them feel the trickle down their leg.  Not much different than a diaper.  If you aren't comfortable with them running around naked then a regular pair of undies or if they're a super heavy wetter the Gerber or Carter's style undies that have a thick panel in the center are great.
  • STAY HOME for at least a few days.
  • Watch the clock-the first day or two take them every 10-15 minutes and help them sit there for a few minutes.  If they go great.  If not say "Let me know if you need to go and I'll help you."  Remind them to say "Potty" or sign potty.

 If they don't get it at first just keep sitting them on the potty before and after meals, before and after a bath, etc.  All kids get it on their own time but I really believe in the benefits of introducing the potty early! 

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