Monday, April 16, 2012

Homeschool Sick Days

We've had A LOT of sick days lately.  Everyone approaches sick days differently when homeschooling.  Some families see it as a total day off, some choose to cancel or go with the day depending on how bad it is, some just power through or have a lighter day.  We've had A LOT of sick days this winter.  It's been NON-STOP sick since October here (ok except Christmas Day and like the day after and then again Spring Break and half the week after).  It's alternated between colds and flu.  It's always from one of a few places-church (mostly here), going grocery shopping (because we seriously didn't go anywhere else in the week so I KNOW it was from the store-and we don't even put kids in the cart :( ), LLL toys (even though I KNOW I washed hands well after playing-Kangaroo always gets sick first when it's LLL), or if we go ANYWHERE any other kid has ever been-yes seriously.  This time we all picked up colds and I'm pretty sure it came from Monkey's birthday fun at the bounce place.


Yes they had a blast.  I keep reminding myself of that as I wipe the snot away from Kangaroo's nose 100,000,000 times in a day.  Proof that hand washing somehow isn't enough for our family I guess!

Yeah, we're skipping school AGAIN.  Hopefully we'll get some reading in today.  We all feel like crap though.

Do you skip school on sick days?

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