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Breastfeeding Carnival Day 7: Online Breastfeeding

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I'm not talking selling milk online or anything like that :).  I'm talking about how many of us go to the Internet for a wide range of things.  I'm talking about online forums, Facebook, Twitter, other types of online media.  I'm talking about how those have influenced me in breastfeeding and other parenting choices.  So where did I go to for the majority of my information???

I talk a bit about a strong online group that I was part of with my pregnancy with Monkey.  That was my iVillage expecting club/birth club.  3 years later we're still going strong on Facebook and we still go to each other for questions for our new babies and our 3 year olds and our other children.  These ladies are awesome.  There are experts in just about everything.  I learned SO much about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, CIO/noCIO from these women.  Because of this group I did decide to switch to cloth diapers on the recommendation that I would do less laundry because I wouldn't suffer the blowouts.  I am now the CDing expert that many ladies go to and was a community leader on the diapering board on iVillage for a while (I'm monkeybunns online if you're looking for me-except on where I'm ashleyb87).  I didn't know a thing about babywearing and learned all about it from Squishy (find her on YouTube-she has some AWESOME videos!).  I didn't know at all about what CIO (cry it out) was but after I heard about it I already knew I was against it.  I learned about attachment parenting from the ladies in the group.  I was very strongly influenced by these women.

From this group I learned about  I highly recommend that site!  It has awesome breastfeeding information although some of it isn't quite up to date.  Another one I'd highly recommend (though sadly it isn't *quite* as user friendly though it isn't too difficult to navigate) is  They are both great for breastfeeding information.

I also would highly recommend as a resource for making your own baby food.   I also learned about that from my iVillage friends.

I am also on Facebook groups.  I would recommend The Leaky B@@b.  I'm also on other natural parenting groups but I've highlighted the main ones I go to online.  Oh-LLLI also has a forum where you can ask questions that's pretty nice.

Personally, the MAJORITY of my breastfeeding information comes from my local LLL group and books though-call me a little old fashioned :)

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